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This page is dedicated to the six meter amateur radio enthusiast. Here you will find information concerning the Six Meter International Radio Klub,  the SMIRK contest and much more. We hope you return many times.

SMIRK has members in 100 countries on all continents, an international organization. We are devoted to promoting six meter activity throughout the world. You help us by joining and promoting SMIRK over the air and in person with other hams.

2021 Contest news

2021 SMIRK contest is ON! June 19/20 2021.

Please send membership and donation correspondence to: Paul D. "Mick" McBride, W3FJ, 10 Longview Drive Williamsport, PA 17701 U.S.A. Please make your application Fee ($6.00) in cash or a check made out to Paul D. "Mick" McBride, not to SMIRK. Since the SMIRK Treasury is at such a low amount after our recent donations to DX operations, it is now held in cash rather than in a bank account. Of course, include you name, address, call and the list of six SMIRK members you have worked on six meters.

Although it's not necessary to pay annual dues, contributions are always welcome. The SMIRK Board voted some years ago to do away with annual dues and make the $6.00 application fee a Life Membership.


Six Meter International Radio Klub...
You can join the nearly the 7000 SMIRK members by working six Klub members on six meters and submitting a list of their calls, and SMIRK numbers, along with US $6 to the address on the "How To Join SMIRK" page.

Once you are a member, you are always a member. So, if you are not now a member, please consider joining. Though you do NOT need to pay dues each year to maintain your membership, SMIRK DOES welcome donations from its members. Many make such donations annually. So, PLEASE consider donating. It will help in our continuing efforts to promote six meter operation throughout the world and in our funding of DXpeditions emphasizing six meter operation.


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